Preventive conservation


La Preventive Conservation is becoming to be appreciated more every day because it represents a systematic work method to minimise or prevent damage by monitoring and controlling the risks of deterioration that affect or might affect cultural heritage.

Cultural heritage is exposed to climatic fluctuations and other risk factors that can be found in the natural environment; its stability depends at a large extend on the control of these factors and risks.

Our work is focused on locating these degradation factors and alteration processes experienced by these works of art with the help of a comprehensive study of the work and its environment where will be valuated, analysed and taking real actions during a determined moment or with an annual monitoring through devices placed in the work permanently during one year. These measurements will provide us enough data to value degradation risks which affect the cultural heritage by carrying out a prediction about the risks that should be controlled without intervening in it directly but in its immediate environment.

Our proposals are focused on:

  • Preventive Conservation projects.
  • Annual monitoring of previous project.