Archaeologic restoration and conservation, due to its relevance for scientific research, requires technical capacity and basic knowledge (historic, artistic, scientific and technical knowledge). It is essential to properly know the materials and factors of degradation and conservation to elaborate a good conservation proposal.

Therefore, el Taller de Menia is aware of the fact of following a strict working methodology with the following working phases: Documentation, diagnosis and analysis, cleaning, consolidation and reintegration.

As cultural good we also respect the basic principles of conservation: Reversibility, stability and legibility of the object.

Conservation process starts when archaeological remains appear in the site, therefore we need to have the interdisciplinary support of other specialists.


-Conservation and restoration of archaeological materials: Ceramic, glass, metals, numismatics, rocky and organic materials.

-Preventive conservation of sites and real state archaeological remains.

-Conservation and remodelling projects on archaeological sites.

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