Management policies of archaeological heritage are regulated by the Spanish Historical Heritage Law. For their diligence, these competencies have moved to the Autonomous Communities, namely the Department of Culture, which in turn delegated the archaeological practice to external technical personnel with experience in the matter.

This way it was born our professional activity, covering private and public initiative that has to face any eventual commitments on historical and archaeological heritage under construction.

Our jobs are related to construction projects involving earthworks related to environmental impact studies. We offer specialized services and technical studies, among which are highlighted:

  • Surface prospection.
  • Control of earthworks.
  • Follow-up works.
  • Archaeological test drilling.
  • Archaeological excavations.
  • Inventory, classification and drawing archaeological material.
  • Architectural ornaments patterns studies.

We turn to private customers and private companies as builders or promoters of works, architectural firms, consultants, etc.