Menia Restauración & Patrimonio offers you a wide variety of services related to conservation and preservation of Cultural Heritage:

We work with individuals, companies and institutions. Our commitment is to provide a high quality work and a faithful result to the original appearance of the piece of art. We offer a direct and customised relationship as well as affordable prices; you just have to ask for a quote without any obligation.

We work in our workshop which can be found in Mijas Coastline or home delivery in order to avoid unnecessary deliveries of some works of art or big size furniture.


Our wide experience in conducting conservation projects and reports to assess the conditions and the application of techniques and methods of studying art, are needed to design an intervention proposal in line with the original features of the work, respecting international conservation criteria.

We act on movable and immovable property pictorial, sculptural, archaeological remains from the extraction process to its museological conservation, furniture and antiques.


Disclosure, management and enhancement of cultural heritage is closely linked to the processes of conservation and restoration, where interdisciplinary work is fundamental. At our company, we want to transmit these values, whose purpose is the protection and social enjoyment of cultural property, so we offer different proposals to achieve this goal.


The latest trend in our field is avoid or minimize deterioration of works of art or heritage properties in general.

Specialized technicians in this field evaluate external factors and internal risks affecting the work, looking for solutions that will provide stability and avoiding costly future restorations.


Our services are related to construction projects involving earthworks related to environmental impact studies. We offer specialized technical studies, archeologic management and preventive activities.


The technical team Menia Heritage and Restoration has specialized professionals in the assessment, evaluation, appraisal, cataloguing and inventory of cultural goods and works of art.